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 Licenses & Owning Land [WIP]

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What is a license you might ask? Well, as license is basically what you would assume it to be. It's a small card that allows you to do something in specific. Some licenses allow you to carry more pokemon, others allow you to own large area of land, other's are made for people with unique career goals which require a license. Below you'll find a variety of licenses.

Trainer License ($0)
The Trainer License is given to trainers who wish to challenge Gyms and enter the Pokemon League. It also allows you to hold public pokemon battles. Lets you always have one pokemon out.

Requires: A visit to Pokemon Center or to Pokemon Research Lab.
Can be obtained at: Any Pokemon Center or at Pokemon Research Lab.
Does: Allows one to challenge Gyms, enter Pokemon League and hold public pokemon battles. It also lets you stay at Pokemon Center for the night.

Coordinator License ($0)
The Coordinator License is given out to coordinators for free upon entering their first contest. It also allows them entrance to various contests and events around the world only available to those who possess them. However, in order for these to become active the use must enter at least 1 contest.

Requires: That the user enter at least 1 contest.
Can be obtained at: Any Contest Hall
Does: Allows one to enter contests and special events around the world. It also lets you stay at Pokemon Center for the night.

Breeder License ($0)
The Breeder License is given out to breeders for free. It allows one to work at Pokemon Center & Daycare.

Requires: That the user enter at least 1 contest.
Can be obtained at: Any Contest Hall
Does: Allows one to enter contests and special events around the world. It also lets you stay at Pokemon Center for the night.

Fishing License ($100)
As you may have guessed this license is meant for those who would like to go fishing. While you only need it if you plan on catching the pokemon which you fish, it is always a nice license to have on you when out at sea seeing as Poketech transporation abilities tend to be weaker.
Requires: Fishing Rod (Any)
Can be bought at: Any Pokemon Center
Does: Allows a trainer to carry up to 9 pokemon with them while at sea. If carrying nine while on land, license revoked and fined for $250.

Daycare License ($500)
The daycare license is made for those who wish to create a daycare-like area of their own. However the daycare may be used for breeding, Move tutoring, or other basic daycare actions. By owning the license one is allowed to carry up to nine pokemon while at their daycare, and seven pokemon while not at the daycare.

The buyer must have a location already, or must find a location within thirty days (Real Time) of buying the license. Location must be a minimum of half an acre. Breeder License
Can be bought at: Any pokemon center.
Does: Allows the user to have 9 of their own pokemon with them while at the daycare. Allows the user to have 7 pokemon with them while out in the field. Allows owner to tend for an unlimited amount of pokemon for other trainers in the confines of their daycare.

Farming License ($250/acre)
For those trainers who are looking to own themselves a farm or farm-like area so that they can make money this is the license needed. What categorizes a farm is any patch of land being used to raise Pokemon or crops for profit. If you are running a Daycare on such land, then you must have this license as well as the Daycare License.

At least 1 Acre of open land, or an already established area. User has 1 month (real time) after buying the license to find/buy area, or license will be voided.
Can be bought at: Any pokemon center.
Does: Allows the user to have Pokemon on land without them being considered in that person's "Party", but only effects them while on the farm. They can also raise Pokemon or crops to get profit. Does nothing outside of the farm land.

Merchant's License (100$)
The Merchants License is basically a license which allows you to sell any homemade goods. This includes items such as Mareep-wool sweaters, Moo Moo Milk, Cookies, or other items of the sort. If one is caught selling homemade items without this license they will be fined, and thrown in jail.

Requires: N/A
Can be bought at: Any Pokemon Center
Does: Allows the user to sell homemade goods.

Guild License (Leader: $400 - Member: $200)
This license is for those who are members of a guild. First of all the guild leader must possess a Guild License, as well as licenses for other matters such as Daycare. Then, they must register their guild and request licenses for their guild be made. A member may then buy that guild license and while on the land of the Guild Leader share the same perks. Guild Licenses must be the same however.

Requires: Be a member/owner of a guild.
Can be bought at: Wherever the Guild Leader applied for the first license.
Does: Allows a member and guild leader to share the same licensed perks while on the guild leader's land.

Medical License ($600)
A Medical License allows one to work in a pokemon center. Otherwise it gives one permission to experiment with medical substances to create formulas for healing pokemon. If one has this license they are licensed medical specialist allowed to sell medicines to other trainers around regions at their own risk.

Requires: A station of at least 20x20 feet in length with a minimum of 10x10 feet for storage and creation. Studying at a Pokemon Center for a minimum of 2 months (Game Time). Breeder License.
Can be bought at: Any pokemon center
Does: Allows one to make and distribute medicine to other trainers and pokemon. Allows one to have a Medicine Company.

Inventor's License ($700)
The inventors license allows for one to invent with and store experimental substances as long as they have an area of property large enough to store their belongings. This is the only sure way that one will not have their inventions confiscated by the police if found. If found inventing without a license it is possible to recieve a temporary jail sentence depending on the intensity of the crime.

Requires: A headquarters of at least 20x20 feet in length.
Can be bought at: Any pokemart.
Does: Allows the user to store and invent items without the chance of being thrown in jail. Allows one to have a Company.

Note: After buying a license you must wait 2 months (Game Time) before buying a new one.
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Licenses & Owning Land [WIP]
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