Pokemon Stories [PMS] is a text based role playing game based on popular Game/Manga/Anime Pokemon.
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 Making Money

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Making Money

There are tons of ways you can go about making some money to spend on pokeballs, pokemon, items, whatever you like. Below are a few examples of what you can do, but remember there are tons of other ways, just play with it.

  • Pokemon Battle! Enter Contests! Breed others' Pokemon!
  • Open up a Shop. Sure, it may take some time but why not? I mean, you give a little get a lot.
  • Compete! Yeah, compete in the competitions, you might find yourself winning money and/or items.
  • Become employed! Look around for jobs, they're all over the place you just have to look in the right places.
  • Invent new things, Discover new places.
  • Sell something. Don't limit yourself to selling just your items, sell your pokemon if you have to! Sure it's evil on more than one level, but money is money, right?
  • Be creative, come up with your own unique ways of making money

After completing a topic where you hope to earn money from notify a Staff and he/she will judge it. If you come up with your own way of making money, by all means use it. If you have questions, PM a staff member.
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Making Money
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