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Over time there have been many questions about evolution. Some include "Can we stop our Pokemon from evolving?" or "How does Happiness evolution work?" and things of the sort. I hope this topic helps you.

  • Part 1: Basic Evolution
  • Part 2: Stone Evolution
  • Part 3: Happiness Evolution
  • Part 4: Trading Evolution
  • Part 5: Location Evolution
  • Part 6: Held Item Evolution
  • Part 7: Other Evolution

Part 1: Basic Evolution

Basic Evolutions are the easy stuff, they are the evolutions that occur naturally when a pokemon reaches a certain level. For a pokemon to evolve, it has to meet the level standard. Now, after a pokemon reaches the level standard, all you have to do is make a post where that pokemon is about to evolve (saying something along the lines of your pokemon starting to cringe from the power boiling within them). After that let someone to edit your Profile. If you don't want your pokemon to evolve then just don't make this kind of post.

But, after evolving a pokemon, all the moves that pokemon would've learnde BEFORE evolving can only be learned through tutoring. So if you evolve a Mudkip to Marshtomp at level 17 instead of 16, you'll have to go back and tutor Mud Shot if you want Marshtomp to know it.

Wurmple evolves into Silcoon if it Levels up to during the day (6 AM - 6 PM).
Wurmple evolves into Cascoon if it Levels up to during the night (6 PM - 6 AM).

Part 2: Stone Evolution

This special form of evolution involves giving a pokemon an evolutionary stone and, using that stones power, the pokemon will evolve accordingly. But in the event that you give a pokemon a stone, it will immediately begin to evolve as soon as it touches the stone. After that it done ask someone to edit your profile.

Part 3: Happiness Evolution

For Happiness Evolution to work you must have role played trough at least 5 topics where you use the pokemon you want to evolve. If you feel that your pokemon should be happy enough to evolve notify an Admin or Moderator who will judge if your pokemon can evolve yet or you must keep on role playing with your pokemon.

Part 4: Trading Evolution

Trade Evolution is an easy concept in which one player trades their pokemon with another player. The only down side is that, you may not get your pokemon back. So there is always a risk when completing a trade evolution.

Trade Evolutions are split into two categories: Simple Trade, and Item Trade. Simple Trade is just trading a pokemon as it is. Item Trade, on the other hand, is when a pokemon must also be holding a specific item while being traded for it to evolve.

Part 5: Location Evolution

For Location Evolution your Pokemon must level up at a certain location. Simple as that.

Part 6: Held Item Evolution

Basically what Held Item Evolution means is that in order for a pokemon to evolve is must be holding a specific item. In all known cases they must be holding the item during a specific time of day.

Part 7: Other Evolutions

Of course there are plenty of other ways of evolution and new ways are showing up with every generation. If you have a pokemon that evolves some other way than Part 1 - Part 6 please feel free to ask Admins for help if needed.

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