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 Traveling via Pokemon

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Traveling via Pokemon Empty
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Traveling via Pokemon

In Pokemon Games you are able to Fly on one back of the tiniest birds and Surf on top of the Wimpiest. Here we try to keep things as realy as possible and thus here is little informative topic for you about Fly, Surf and Ride.

First of all, there is absolutely NO way a Taillow will be able to fly you anywhere, or that a Finneon will be able to surf you across the ocean, or even that you'll be able to ride a small pokemon all the way to the next town. So, first thing you need to know, keep things as realistic as possible!

Flying on Pokemon
In order to Fly on a pokemon's back, the pokemon must be pretty big and strong in order to actually carry the trainer. With every point in strength the pokemon has it can carry 2,5 kg (5,5 pounds).

Surfing on Pokemon
For Surfing on a pokemon, the rules are pretty much similar. You obviously can't ride a Finneon from one side of the region to the other, but you CAN ride something like a Garydos. With every point in strength the pokemon has it can carry 10 kg (22 pounds).

Riding on Pokemon
This brings us to the final topic, Riding a pokemon. While this isn't a feature in the games, it does make sense for one to ride on the back of their pokemon in order to travel faster. With every point in strength the pokemon has it can carry 5 kg (11 pounds).

**NOTE: This is only an estimated idea, obviously a butterfree wont be able to fly a child all the way across the region without causing some damage, but it might be able to carry it to the next town. Keep these things in mind while riding a pokemon. Also when flying on frail winged pokemon, such as Yanmega, keep in mind that accidents might happen and you might cause damage to your pokemon's wings. Also keep the space on your pokemon's back in mind. Although your Charizard might be strong he can't go carrying 10 people on his back since there is no room for so many.
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Traveling via Pokemon
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