Pokemon Stories [PMS] is a text based role playing game based on popular Game/Manga/Anime Pokemon.
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 Staff Positions

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Staff Positions

- Admin are the highest positions possible on the site, only given to a few well-deserving members. What admin do essentially is make sure that everything around the site is running smoothly, along with about anything else they want. Admins are the ones who decide who and when people are promoted, events that can happen in gameplay, and just about every other major decision needed.

Universal Moderator
- Universal Moderators (Umods) are directly below Admin on the Staff Hierarchy. They are the only other group that is able to access the Admin Control Panel. In order for one to make it up the line to a Umod, they have to go from Moderator, to Global Moderator, and after hard-work, they find themselves here.

- The job of the Umods are basically the same as an Admin, they look over the site and make sure things run smoothly. As the only other staff with access to the Admin Control Panel, they are usually the ones that alter masks and decide who can be entered into moderator training or not.

Global Moderator
- Global Moderators (Gmods) are below Universal Mods and above regular Moderators. What they do is, basically, take care of Registrations AND Reffing to make sure those two things go well, not to mention handle Move Tutor requests.

- There is no easy way to become a Global Moderator, but when a Umod or Admin finds a Moderator worthy, well, taa-daa!

- Moderators (Mods/Pinklets) as well as Profilers are the basic staff of this RP. Mods are more seen than profilers because their are usually more of them, but what they do is basically update journeys when requested.

- To become a mod, you need to apply and be deemed worthy by a Universal Mod or Admin, and from then on you are put onto a week trial. If you meet expectations in that week, you become a mod.

- Profilers, as stated previously, are one of the basic staff-types on the board. What these guys do is approve and start-up journies for new members to RP, using a basic spawning ability which follows in a Moderator's footsteps.

- Unlike Moderators and the rest of the staff though, Profilers arn't allowed to ref. Though, to become one you have to have a basic grip on spelling and grammar, and have a great profile of your own (though, that isn't 100% necessary). That said, Profilers are just as important as the rest of the staff around here.

Retired Staff
- Retired Staff are just what their name says; Staff Members who have chosen to quit being direct staff. While they don't do much, have permission to complete a few refs now-and-again if they see the RRT in need of it.

Also though, Retired Staff are allowed to return to the regular staff whenever they wish. Though some don't immediately return to the position they had when they retired, its always nice to have a helping hand. They can't edit on their own, as they lack the full powers of a mod, so members of staff are obliged to help them when needed.
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Staff Positions
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